Siege of Chinese University of Hong Kong on November 12

Hong Kong Free Press

University World News (events of Nov 12 and the causes of it)

Summary from Apple Daily

Yesterday (Nov 12) was the second day that the police charged into multiple university campuses. The CUHK campus became the main target of attack. Smoke covered the whole campus.

The battle started yesterday morning. CUHK students set up a road block on Bridge No. 2 in order to guard the campus. Police released a "buffet" of tear gas and rubber bullets, and attempted to charge into the campus to arrest students.

Vice-Chancellor Rocky Tuan and staff members made multiple negotiation attempts with the police that ended up being futile.

For three separate times, the police broke the negotiated terms and suddenly charged forward after proclaiming a ceasefire. Riot police relentlessly launched over a thousand tear gas rounds throughout the campus, and aimed rubber bullets towards the heads of protesters.

Many students and protesters were injured. A student fell on the ground unconscious after being possibly hit on the head by a rubber bullet. Makeshift first-aid stations were set up to attend to around 60 injured persons. The battle temporarily calmed down at around 10 pm, after the police retreated from campus.

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